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Project Description

The EPiServer Filtered Page Reference properties provide you with the ability to restrict the pages in which an EPiServer editor can pick from the Page browser dialog.

The project has been developed by Lee Crowe a technical developer working for Fortune Cookie (London).

Once the assembly is depoyed to your projects bin folder two new properties will appear:

- FilteredPageReferenceProperty
- FilteredLinkCollectionProperty

For more information about the properties see the following blog posts:

FilteredPageReference v1.0 Released

FilteredPageReference v1.1 Released

FilteredPageReference v1.2 Released

FilteredPageReference v1.4 Released

FilteredPageReference v1.4.1 Released

FilteredPageReference v1.5 Released

Usage Instructions.doc


To be able to use this plug-in you will need to have EPiServer CMS 6 or later which can be downloaded from EPiServer World.

If you are using v1.4 or later you will require CMS 6 R2.

By far the easiest way to install is from the NuGet package available on the EPiServer NuGet feed.

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